Our Science Lab

Every student goes through the science lab for all possible practicals. Every opportunity utilized to show the intricate and in-depth facts of science to the possible extent. This influences the scientific temper in them.

“The place where the students  put their knowledge in to practice and love to test their scientific temper”

In Malar Public School emphasis is given on the applied aspect of the studies. We provide every facility to our student to learn practically within the frame of their curriculum. The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science with the latest technology available therein. Laboratories  are the well-equipped utopia for widening the thoughts and instilling a desire to discover and learn for the young budding scientists.

Our Mathematics Lab

Math lab is  very methodically used in making the difficult areas of mathematics to every student.   The Hands on activities in math has literally made the subject one of the easiest one.

“Math Lab has transformed the subject  to an interesting  activity. Children love to learn math”


Math Laboratory is a place where students can explore their mathematical concepts. The activities are conducted by using different manipulatives. The activities help the students to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics. This provides greater scope for individual participation, involvement of both mind and hand which facilities cognition.

Our Computer Lab

A lot of importance is given to computer education as it has become an inevitable part of the modern world. Technical skill, and creativity come together in this lab.This is also the source of a great amount of general knowledge and other world matters.

“Computer lab-familiarizing the students to the modern world of IT, making their first step in to the digital world”


It is a paraphernalia through which students explore the vastness of knowledge. It brings them close to the world of information in a nutshell.