Yoga  is part of the routine . the students are trained in various yoga techniques.  They have participated in many competitions of district and zonal level and won laurels  for the school.

Yoga-meditation session in progress. A regular practice to improve concentration,relieve stress  and for introspection. Yoga for our students show the way of   love, peace, wisdom and the union of mind and body.


One of the most interesting activity which enables physical and mental freshness, sharpness and positivity. A great fine art form that never loses its charm. A lot of values like team spirit, appreciating others, and self control are the rich assets of this fine art.

Dance – Yet another expression of creativity and inherent skill. Children are given ample avenues to learn and exhibit their talents. Students are trained for classical, folk and western dance. They participate vehemently in various competitions and achieve crowning glories for the institution.


This is a very interesting activity where the students participate with  complete enthusiasm. Key board playing is a much sought after area.

Music class-  Fine arts forms part of the curriculum. Hidden talents need to be brought out.  We encourage and support them in this. This department actively encourages the students to mature their talent & provide them with the experience of playing with a large ensemble. The school also encourages these young talents to participate in competitions to prove their ability in this field. Instrumental and vocal music is imparted at the school.


Skating- one of the most loved sports avenue. Children participate with enthusiasm,winning laurels and trophies  at various levels.

Art and CrAFT

Art & Craft –  Creativity taking shape through nimble minds , deft hands and fingers. Art is a popular subject that encourages individuals to explore and develop their creative potential.

Far reaching training is inclined to the students in different section of fine arts like, clay modeling, fancy art, painting,  craft work etc.