Our Emblem represents the relation between education and pupil. The lighted lamp symbolizes the concept “Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya”  the very representation of  wisdom, energy & knowledge  that  moulds and shapes ones personality that is achieved through  a series of sportive, artistic, creative, and cultural activities, because without these education is incomplete.

Scientific temperament is inevitable in education. In-depth knowledge is required for innovations, which would result in a promising and a colourful future of the child. The symbol of atom represents the knowledge attained through appropriate education that helps the student to imbibe all the good qualities in to the core of his / her conscience.

A successful life can be called so only when it evolves happiness, affection, the sense of universal brotherhood and concern for all in this world, which has been symbolized by the ‘earth in protective hands’.

We associate the circle with great excellence attained by the steady ascent of the gradient career. It is a blend of excellence in success and challenging times, which makes it distinctive.

The signature on the ribbon represents the undying spirit of life, to achieve more and more. It is like  an ocean  never  tiring in its attempts,  and the ocean stands for steadiness, without these virtues,  knowledge fails to evoke right response, or in a nutshell our emblem stands for

“Prudence, Inquisitiveness and Resoluteness”