From the Principal to the classroom assistants, all our staff are well qualified in their field, and carefully chosen to ensure the children of   Malar Public  School receive  the best all-round education.

Our highly qualified teaching faculty consists of professionals who are carefully selected, based on their qualifications and their commitment to providing quality and innovation to education.

Our teachers take an active interest in constant personal growth and are encouraged to enhance their skills and qualifications through active involvement in professional development programs.

The teachers also involve in the entire co-curricular program, thus enabling them to understand and support the students even more.

A child’s growth is not just counted  in years alone.  It is counted in experiences that take them a step closer to realizing their ambitions, their passions, and their goals.

We believe it is a combination of these experiences that help nourish our children and help them to become confident lifelong learners who settle for nothing less than excellence.

For a good beginning, we introduce our students to new experiences in a safe, productive and supportive  environment  and  introduce  them  to unique  learning programs  that  are designed  to challenge and engage  the mind.

Our teaching learning programs are centered on a major topic, key concept or key question. This teaches our students to research, inquire, analyze and question.

Critical  thinking programs offer major projects that don’t  just cover major key concepts, but also offer practical  ‘hands-on’ experience, where ever appropriate.

We also encourage our students to question and engage in an open line of inquiry to help develop essential skills  that better prepare  them  for  real world  situations.

To  ensure  that  all  children  reach  their  full  potential,  the  curriculum  is  challenging  which encourages  students  to  reach past  their  limitations and  stretch and broaden  their horizons.

With a focus on ‘hands on’ experience, our learning programs are based in, but not  confined to, the classroom, rather they are further enhanced by guest lectures, and outdoor activities such as field trips, trekking expeditions, and excursions.

We also constantly review our teaching practices and undertake timely refreshment courses & practices, training sessions, workshops and demo classes etc. to ensure we offer the best possible education.