Malar Public School came into being on June 4th, 2017, founded by Venkateshwara Educational Trust, a pioneer front runner in the field of education in Paramathi, Namakkal –Dt running several popular educational institutions in the area.

We believe that the greatest legacy you can give your children is ‘Education’. The school offers the best Central Board Educational programme in the country for the children from primary level, with a continuous progressive concept in English Language, Art, Science, Maths, Social Studies, Computer Science and Physical Education. We embody and practice educational principles and each individual is valued for his / her skill.

We truly believe that the system should be there to support the need of the individual for the all round development. In this way a person’s dignity and self worth are respected, in the way that they should be; as a result they will be more at ease in the society.  They will find themselves more understanding and willing to accept the necessary constraints and norms that govern the society for everyone’s happiness and comfort.