Malar public School strongly values

Consideration, tolerance, cooperation, mutual respect, achievement, assertiveness, courtesy, self-discipline, self-control, honesty, fairness, teamwork, respect and compassion for other people.

  • the right to learn and play without interference from others
  • the right to be treated fairly, equally and with respect by students and staff
  • the right to be safe anywhere in the school
  • the right not to be verbally abused, nor made to feel foolish or inadequate by students or staff
  • the right to be listened to by students and staff
  • the right to be valued as an individual by students and staff
  • the right to expect that your personal property will be respected by students and staff

Malar public School expects all students to respect these rights.

  • respect for self and others
  • attendance at School when required and not leaving the property without permission
  • being on time
  • having the necessary books and equipment
  • finishing all set work in class and at home
  • cooperating with teachers, paying attention in class
  • taking care of personal and school property and keeping it tidy
  • taking care of personal appearance

Malar public School strongly Opposes

  • Teasing, humiliation or denigration of others, disruptive behavior, victimization, violence, substance abuse, vandalism, offensive language, and
  • Harassment of any type including bullying of any type
  • Race and sex-based harassment
  • Any situation where a group of students makes life unpleasant for an individual is particularly offensive and will be dealt with accordingly