Malar Public School is spread over __ acres of land with a building infrastructure  of ______________sqft. The main building which has the administrative block, Primary and  middle level  blocks  along with a mini  auditorium, keeping in view the modern essential requirements of the school. The Ground block comprises of the primary  classes and admin block . The school also caters vegetarian lunch and snacks to students supervised by our efficient kitchen staff. The school has one large well maintained play field with the facilities for all kind of  team sports events  and a kids play park for the students of classes I to III for their physical well being.

Primary School

Students in the primary sections are introduced to a host of activity oriented schedule of course  that  re-enforces skill development and builds competence in specific areas of learning. The students here are provided numerous opportunities to enrich themselves especially in music, dance, arts, sports, declamation, debate, poetry recitation, speech and quiz competition supported by supervised study and tutoring.


Outdoor experiment education programme which is scheduled for various academic, cultural and environmental centers, supplement the class room studies and support the importance of group planning and sharing. Students abide by code of dress and conduct which is designed to provide a suitable atmosphere for academic performance; all efforts are taken to provide students considerable freedom in the process of learning and expression.

The Middle School

These students are made aware of the various skills associated with subjects like science, computer and other subjects on the pattern of board examination supplemented by extracurricular and practical approach in order to learn the applied aspects of the topics. All students here are expected to attain high level of competence in a variety of subjects.

The curriculum here includes English language, Second language, Third language, Mathematics, Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and Social studies. Students are given foundation courses in IIT, JEE, & NEET from grade VI onwards. The process of making the school, a leading school with Central Board syllabus is improving steadily.